How does Optune Lua work?

Optune Lua works by creating and delivering
Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields)

You may be wondering what TTFields are and how they can treat mesothelioma. Here are a couple of facts:

  • TTFields may slow or stop cancer cells from dividing and may destroy some of them
Mesothelioma cancer cell begins to divide

The video below further explains how Optune Lua stops cancer cells from dividing

Optune Lua delivers treatment with TTFields where the mesothelioma tumor is located

  • Optune Lua delivers TTFields through adhesive patches called transducer arrays, which are placed on the upper body as instructed by a trained professional
Sample front and back placements of transducer arrays

Array placements are personalized based on your body size and tumor location.

Note: Your array placement may vary. This may include the placement of arrays on your sides.

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