Preparing to use Optune Lua

You may have already spoken to doctors and done your own research, but as you or your loved one prepares to start Optune Lua, you might be wondering what else you should know. Below are some things to keep in mind as you get started.

When you're ready to start Optune Lua, nCompass™ will arrange for in-person training. At that appointment, an nCompass DSS will teach you and your caregiver(s):

  • How to use Optune Lua
  • How to prepare your upper body (shaving and skin care)
  • How to properly place the transducer arrays
  • How to incorporate Optune Lua into your life and daily activities
Download the nCompass brochure

Many people rely on family, friends, and/or outside caregivers to help them on the days it’s time to change the transducer arrays. It’s a good idea to have anyone who will be helping you to change arrays be there at your treatment education meeting. That way, your caregiver(s) will be able to meet your DSS and learn more about the device and where to place the arrays on your body.

Download the nCompass brochure

Making sure you take care of your skin before and during the use of Optune Lua is important. Doing so can help you avoid skin irritation. You will want to learn more about removing (shaving) any existing hair from your upper body, proper bathing (showering), and what to do if skin irritation does occur. Reading the Skin Care Guidelines is an excellent first step.

Download the Skin Care Guidelines brochure


You and your caregiver will need to know how to place the arrays on your upper body. Your DSS will show you how to do this in person. Watch this video on how to place arrays on your body.

  • Optune Lua should be used continuously, averaging at least 18 hours per day
    • You can plan ahead for important events (like a wedding) where you do not wish to use the device.
      This can be done by picking up more hours using Optune Lua prior to the event
  • You can decide which times of the day are best for you to use Optune Lua, even at night when you are sleeping
Download the Skin Care Guidelines brochure
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