Support for you and your caregiver

Complete support every step of the way

From your first question about Optune Lua and throughout your treatment, the
nCompass team at Novocure® provides the right support for you based on your

We’re committed to providing answers and resources to help you stay on treatment
while going about your daily routine.*

Award winning support program

nCompass support brochure

nCompass offers complete support every step of the way, even
before your doctor prescribes Optune Lua.

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Listening and supporting you from the beginning

Helping you understand Optune Lua™

Helping you understand more about Optune Lua:

  • Provides information on Optune Lua and how it works
  • Answers questions about how Optune Lua may help you
  • Addresses questions about possible side effects
Helping you afford Optune Lua™

Helping you afford Optune Lua

  • nCompass works with your insurance plan and identifies resources that can help minimize your cost for Optune Lua, regardless of your financial situation
Starting Optune Lua™

Starting Optune Lua

  • Delivers Optune Lua in person and provides training to you and your caregiver to help you get going
  • Shares tips and resources on how to make Optune Lua a part of your daily life
Moving forward with Optune Lua™

Moving forward with Optune Lua

  • Troubleshoots any technical issues 24/7 via phone
  • Reorders supplies, such as transducer arrays or extra batteries
  • Answers ongoing questions about Optune Lua
  • Offers travel tips and resources

For questions about Optune Lua or services available to you, contact nCompass via
phone or email

Contact nCompass for all support needs

Contact nCompass™for support: 1-855-281-9301 (toll free)

Call us any time of day:
1-855-281-9301 (toll-free)

Contact nCompass™for support:

*nCompass cannot provide you with medical advice. Consult with your doctor for medical-related questions.

International travel support from nCompass is dependent on the approval status of Optune Lua in the destination country.

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