4 steps to help you integrate Optune Lua into your practice

Coordinated approach

A coordinated approach with your multidisciplinary team is key for ensuring consistent communication with patients and caregivers

Present Optune Lua™ in a way that meets your patients needs

Present Optune Lua in a way that addresses your patient's needs and concerns

nCompass™ 24-hour assistance

Remind patients and caregivers about the support available to them through nCompass

Reinforce the treatment plan

Reinforce the treatment plan at subsequent visits

Office submits prescription

Submit: Office submits complete prescription order.

nCompass will begin the benefits investigation on behalf of your patient. After submission, your assistance may be needed. If so, you will be contacted by an nCompass team member.

Optune Lua™ treatment kit

Support: Once the prescription is processed, the Optune Lua Treatment Kit is delivered to your patient's designated DSS.

DSS delivers Optune Lua™ treatment kit

Initiate: DSS delivers the Optune Lua Treatment Kit to your patient and completes technical training in the office.

Schedule follow-ups with your patients

Schedule a follow-up with your patient 2 weeks after initiation to encourage a positive response.

Review the Optune Lua™ skin care guidelines

Discuss integrating Optune Lua into daily life and proper skin care, as preventing skin-related AEs is paramount to optimizing time on therapy. Review the Optune Lua skin care guidelines.

Novocure provides you with a monthly usage report so you can help your patients optimize their time on treatment using Optune Lua.

Review monthly usage report

Review the monthly Optune Lua Usage Report to help

  • Gain insights into how well each patient is adjusting to treatment with Optune Lua
  • Establish usage goals that are appropriate for each patient*
Patient and caregiver customer support

Based on individual patient or caregiver needs, patients will receive customized support including:

  • In-person Optune Lua education
  • Resources and tips for using Optune Lua
  • Technical support via phone
  • Reordering supplies

Learn about the well-established suite of services available to your patients using Optune Lua.

nCompass brochure

Learn more about nCompass here ▶

Contact nCompass for all support needs
Patients can call nCompass™ any time of the day at 1-855-281-9301 (toll-free)

Call us any time of day:

1-855-281-9301 (toll-free)

Patients can email nCompass™ at support@novocure.com

Or email us:


AEs, adverse events.

*In glioblastoma, Optune® has an established dose-response relationship.

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Indications For Use
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