A variety of useful resources are available to help you learn more about Optune Lua™

For healthcare providers

Clinical leave behind

A compendium of information on mesothelioma and the role of Optune Lua in its treatment—including information on the pivotal study, efficacy and safety outcomes, how Optune Lua works, and Important Safety Information.

Device description

This pamphlet gives a detailed overview of Optune Lua, its components, and how Optune Lua is used.


The Instructions for Use (IFU) is the FDA-approved full background information for Optune Lua.

nCompass brochure

Learn about the well-established suite of services available to your patients using Optune Lua.


For patients

Understanding Optune Lua

A comprehensive guide to Optune Lua—includes what it is, how it works, and how patients can integrate treatment into their daily routines, including work, travel and social functions.

Skin care guidelines

Explains proper skin care while using Optune Lua and provides instructions on array placement.

nCompass™ support

Describes the award-winning support and well-established suite of services patients and caregivers can expect from nCompass during treatment with Optune Lua.


The Patient Information and Operation Manual (PIOM) for Optune Lua delivers the FDA-approved full background information on the efficacy, safety, device description, and instructions patients will need for starting and staying on Optune Lua.

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Indications For Use
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The Optune Lua System is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with unresect…